Tarsihekaputra for your pr consultant (mistertipr) strongly believes that effective communication is a cornerstone to success in business. Pulling together an impactful communications campaign requires passion, clarity, creativity and the highest possible attention to detail – all of which we offer with a personal service.

Our Services

Brainstorming is mistertipr’s forte. If your company or brand needs more exposure, we will help you discover what the media and public wants. We will help you discover what sets you apart and how you can stand out in today’s marketplace.

Mistertipr knows that the community is often what drives a business. We will help you with  “word of mouth” marketing. This is done through partnering with a non-profit, community event and more.

Our unique media training programme is run by national broadcast and newspaper journalists and revolves around ‘real life’ practical interviews, giving you a fantastic insight into the world of the media and ‘what journalists want’.

Our Client

Your reputation precedes you, and in the PR industry your reputation is your currency

Asbanda engaged tarsih ekaputra (mistertipr) to help gain media coverage for the SIMPEDA & BPDNet Online campaign. The Team at mistertipr assisted Asbanda’s Team with securing a advertising strategy, public relations and events. Professional at all times, the Team at mistertipr also injected an important dose of personality and fun into the campaign. Whilst they were efficient and organised, they were also creative, friendly and always adding new ideas. We have since selected mistertipr to work on subsequent campaigns and look forward to working with the Team into the future. ( Nazwar Nazir, Executive Director of Asosiasi Bank Pembangunan Daerah (Asbanda) )

The team at Tarsih Ekaputra (mistertipr) is incredibly in tune with their clients. They are super-savvy, trend-forward and know exactly how to grab my attention in an urgent and compelling way. ( Hermawan, Business Editor, Indonesia Shang Bao )

Pak Tarsih Ekaputra (mistertipr) sangat bagus dalam memberikan materi workshop media relations strategy and executions. Saya dapat memahami dengan baik dan mempraktikkan dalam pekerjaan sehari-hari saya di kantor. Dalam penyampaiannya sangat informatif dengan gaya serius tapi santai dalam kelas. ( Monika, Media Relations PT Bank CIMB Niaga )

we’ve been work together several times to conduct training with Mr Tarsih Ekaputra (mistertipr). Attractive delivery, based on experience story, applicable and down to earth is touching daily work needs. see you in 2013 Mr. T. ( Naila, Pillar Educations & XP Training )

I love working with tarsih ekaputra (mistertipr) because they go the extra mile to give journalists customized information in a timely manner. They’re smart, savvy and a joy to work with! ( Budi Prasetyo, Business Editor Tribunnews.com )

Media Relations activities by mistertipr in order to help the success of the implementation of Toyota Smart Driving for Smart Women program really work’s. ( Feldany Effendy, Director of Dennis Communications & SDSW the project Manager )

The results of this Public Speaking Training by mistertipr which was attended by DivHumas Mabes POLRI top brass from POLDA all over Indonesia for two periods is excellent. Therefore this program will be held continously over the next year. ( Brigjen Sulistyo Ishak, Wakil Kepala Divisi Humas Polri )

Public Relations activities in this program are highly satisfying. The message as well as coverage achieved is in accordance with the purpose and target of this program. ( Priyadi Setiawan, Corporate Communications Sun Life Financial Indonesia. )

High satisfying, the message in the news is in accordance with IPO Triwira Insanlestari Tbk.communication objectives. ( Gammar Irzandi, Director of Infigo Communications )

Tarsih Ekaputra (misterti public relations) has been fantastic to work with – not only are they bright, talented and results driven, but they are genuinely enthusiastic about what they do and how it relates to your business. For me, working with them is not really like work at all, it is more like being creative with a bunch of friends. ( Ricky Haryanto Sutjipto, Director of Idekami Comm & Project Management Global Peace Festival Asia Pacific 2010 )

Tarsih Ekaputra (Mistertir) were the perfect partners for our public relations effort.  It’s beyond our expectations in offering us personalized attention, creative ideas and eloquent written materials for our public awareness. Misterti Public Relations sophisticated, savvy, fun to work with and gets the job done. ( Loesje Souhoka – Director of Go On Events and Productions )

one of the professionals I’ve ever worked with Tarsih Ekaputra (mistertipr) one of a good and dedicated person to his job. serve his needs with his great and brilliant idea…comprehend indeed. ( Fenty Wardhani, Economy & Business Editor, Harian Terbit )

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