Association of Regional Development Banks (Asbanda) is an organization that serves as a unifying and strengthening relations of cooperation, the aspirations, and container quality improvement of human resources (HR) in the Regional Development Bank (BPD). Asbanda consists of 26 BPD in Indonesia, which has a strategic role to support the implementation of development in all fields, in order to support and promote community economic development and regional development in order to realize a just and prosperous society. Asbanda stands by decision of the Council of Labor III BKS-BPD throughout Indonesia on March 24, 1999 in Batam. Container for BPD over Indonesia before Asbanda is the Regional Development Agency for Cooperation Bank Indonesia (BKS-BPDSI), which was formed on December 14, 1993 based on the Decree of the Minister of the Interior 584-1437.

In line with the demands of economic development, banking competition and technological advances supporters, Asbanda office moved from house Doors Big Branch Bank DKI South to MTH Tower 8th Floor, Jl. Lt.. MT Haryono Kav.23, South Jakarta, with lounge facilities, two meeting rooms, two-room training center, daily executive work space, dining room, and a small mosque, and supported by facilities high-speed internet. At the end of 2010, Asbanda with BPD BI roll Regional Champion (BRC), which is a stage for the BPD to develop BPD host in area itself with three main pillars, namely institutional strengthening, becoming agents of change in the (agent of development), and to strengthen the ability to serve the needs of the community. Some details of the three pillars will be accommodated in Indonesian Banking Architecture (API)

mistertipr trusted to handle a variety of communications and public relations programs since 2007 that began with BPDNet Launching Online and preparation of communication strategy BPDNet Online, then handles the communication program for SIMPEDA Savings product is a product with Regional Development Banks throughout Indonesia by holding a series of customer rewards program from Aceh to Papua.

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