Housed in Hoops Arena, Kemang, held a press conference the Premier Basketball League, 2012 with the theme ‘Re-Born’. Entering the season Kobatama 2010, PB PERBASI as the owner was no longer afford this highest amateur league. Since Kobanita frozen in 2009, driven by zeal to avoid the same fate, an eight-member Board of Kobatama club participants in 2009 and winner kejurnas 2009 Division I inter-club competition was determined to keep hold 2010/2011. This step was taken in order to fill the void Kobatama named Premier Basketball League (PBL). The event is sanctioned by the Decree No. PERBASI through. 287/PB/XI 2010 dated 1 November 2010 On Appointment Letter PBL implementation. PBL League 2010/2011 held by the collective cost of tuition 10 club participants with full competition systems, two rounds with four qualifying series and a final round four.
Looking commitments clubs who take shelter under PBL, Leadership PERBASI 2010-2014 led by Anggito Abimanyu entrusted to implement PBL senior club competition to replace Kobatama / PBL into the Club National Championships Senior comprised of Division I and Division. Substitution league name is related to the national championship in the hope that all senior amateur club in Indonesia can participate. However kejurnas remains held in a league format. PBL is an event where players forge both intellect and ability to play. Apart from being a source of national players, PBL also be a coaching players if later choose professional paths (NBL Indonesia).
Tarsih Ekaputra (mistertipr) required to handle media relations program in order to PBL 2012 which carries the theme ‘Play Hard, Smart, With Heart’. PBL has a target audience basketball lovers, students and the general public.

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