Divhumas POLRI


POLRI initiated independence since separating from the ABRI on 1 April 1999 as part of the reform process must be considered and addressed as a wise step to realize the Police as a professional civil servants and close to the community, to change the livelihood of national civil society towards a democratic, secure, orderly, fair and prosperous.
The independence of the police is not to make a closed institution and walk and work alone, but remain in the grammatical framework of citizenship and governance of the unitary Republic of Indonesia intact including in anticipation of regional autonomy in accordance with Law 22 of 1999 on Regional Autonomy and Law Act 25 of 1999 on revenue sharing between the central and local governments.
Development of skills and strengths as well as the use of police force is managed in such a way that they can support the implementation of the duties and responsibilities of the Police as carrier security functions. Duties and responsibilities is to provide security to the state, community property from criminal acts and natural disasters. Efforts to implement the independence of the police to make changes through three aspects:
Structural Aspects: Includes institutional changes in the grammatical Police nationality, organization, structure and position. # Aspect Instrumental: Includes philosophy (vision, mission and goals), doctrine, authority, competence, ability to function and Science. Cultural aspect: It is the estuary of structural and instrumental aspects of the change, since all must be realized in the form of quality police service to the community, the changes include changes in managerial, recruitment system, education system, material facilities systems and services, budgeting systems, operational systems.

Tarsih Ekaputra / mistertipr in this trusted to compile a module in the context of public speaking skills training for police officers from the Police Public Relations Head of Department / Police to Police Chief PR across Indonesia for the program in 2008 and 2009.

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