Global Conference on Open Source (GCOS)


Since the signing of Indonesia, Go Open Source! Declaration on June 30 2004, Indonesia aspires to be a leading force in the movement to promote open source. Global Conference on Open Source (GCOS) aims to bring the global open source community together in order to address the growing demand for open source technology in every social spectrum. GCOS will generate an international collaboration among governments, businesses, academicians, and communities to strengthen the position of open source, making it more attractive and valuable for the society at large.

GCOS involves speakers and panelists from around the world to discuss government initiatives, business models, community development projects, and education programs that are based on or benefit from open source technology. GCOS will also discuss the role of open source in creative industries and hold workshops to promote its use while providing a hands-on experience to the public.

Moreover, GCOS will also organize exhibitions and competitions to generate participation of those that have yet to be aware of the benefits that open source technology has to offer. GCOS hopes to introduce open source to a larger range of people, including those that are still hesitant to convert from proprietary software.

“A great event in the realm of Open Source in Indonesia and the world which targeted followed by 500 delegations from various countries. “

Jakarta, 09 September 2009. With the support from the Ministry of Research and Technology and the Department of Communication and informatics, The Association of Open Source Indonesia (AOSI) which officially established a year ago is currently busy preparing a great event titled “Global Conference on Open Source”. This great event scheduled to be held in Jakarta on October 26 to 27, 2009 and targeted to be attended by 500 participants, where 50% of them are delegates from various countries around the world. The implementations of Global Conference on Open Source (GCOS) aims to consolidate international collaboration among governments, businesses, academics and the Open Source supporters community to strengthen the position of open source and make it more attractive and beneficial to society. GCOS will consist of seminars, workshop and exhibitions of various solutions, technologies and initiatives in taking benefits from open source.

“In Indonesia, through the GCOS we expect to build momentum for the growth of national ICT industry and to promote Indonesia’s leadership in the field of ICT, especially in Open Source to the international community,” said Betti Alisjahbana, Chief Organizer GCOS..

In a meeting organized by the GCOS Committee C and led by Mrs. Betti Alisjahbana as the GCOS chief organizer on August 27, 2009 at the AOSI Secretariat Jakarta, we discuss various technical issues associated with the implementation of GCOS starting from the speakers confirmation, place, participants, until the other supporting parties. Nearly 100% of the domestic resource person / the domestic speakers have confirm their availability, they are: Dr Zainal Hasibuan from the National ICT Board (DeTIKNas), Dr. Gatot HP from SEAMOLEC (Southeast Asia-level institution engaged in regional cooperation in education including the utilization of ICT for Distance Learning), Dr Onno W Purbo (the National ICT activist), and from various institutions such as Telkom, PT Samudera Indonesia, Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam Province, Jembrana District, Bali , the Speaker from BlankOn Linux, Sangkuriang Studio, University of Gajah Mada, Department of Communication and informatics, CommonRoom, and ITB.

Moreover, the international resource person / the international speakers who have made confirmation are: Todishiro YOSHIDA (NTT Japan), Harvard University (Dr Clam Webb), CNRS, France (Mr Richard Randriatoamanana), Technische Universiteit, Wien, Austria (Prof A Min Tjoa), Councilor of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada (Ms Andrea Reimer), Asia Open Source Software (AOSS), and from NECTEC, Thailand, Indian Institute of Management (Prof Rajanish Dass).

In addition to the speaker who has confirmed his willingness to be a resource person / speaker, the committee is still waiting for confirmation from several other speakers, such as from: MAMPU, Malaysia, SITA, South Africa, Gendarmeri Nationale (France Police), Richard Stallman (the father of Free and Open Source Software), MIC, Japan, NICTA, Australia, TEC, New Zealand, Indian State of Kerala, Open Source Initiative, Extremadura Regional Government (Spain), KERIS, Korea, Asianux (Hansoft), Korea, Bayanihan Linux (Philipines), IBM, Sun Micro System, Userful, Inc, Canada, Acer, Inc, Taiwan, Kerstel Signal Processing, USA (Dr David Burgess), Blender Foundation, Ubuntu, Canonical Inc, UK, dan OpenSUSE, Novell (German/USA).

Parallel with the GCOS, there will be held also IGOS Summit 3, Asia Open Source Software (AOSS) Workshop and POSS Network Workshop.

Detail info please visit http://gcos2009.gudanglinux.info/index.html

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