Immortal Cosmedika Indonesia is a contract manufacturer in cosmeceuticals with 11 years experience and a cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practice) standard Immortal Cosmedika Indonesia Co. Ltd was founded on 27th December 1999. The company began as a small scale industry with a limited range of products, later expanding into product development and perfecting the management system.

After establishing, we did a very concise segmented market assessment and positioned ourselves within the specific medical cosmetic business. By 2004 we had fully established the company and, by 2008, we had built our international standard factory with cGMP certification. With this achievement, we ensured the quality, safety and hygiene of our products that have been admitted not only to countries in the ASEAN region, but also the outer ASEAN region.
Due to the consistency of our product’s quality, client demand continues to grow, particularly with dermatologists who desire ‘treatment’ cosmetics. We realize that many skin problems can not be treated by cosmeceutical products alone and therefore launched Immortal Pharmaceutical Laboratories Co. Ltd (which also has a cGMP standard.) Immortal Cosmedika Indonesia.

Miss Indonesia Earth 2013

mistertipr closely worked with the Immortal’s team to coordinate the Immortal’s Miss Indonesia Earth 2012 Campaign – easily considered the most coveted invitation of the year – and managed regular publicities and one-on-one press interviews for Immortal Cosmedika Indonesia. mistertipr handling variety media starting from top 20 newspaper in Indonesia, more than 30 lifestyle & business magazine, and 15 top online news media.

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