Merdeka Run 2014: 150 Mobil Sport dari Puluhan Club Mobil Sport Rayakan Hari Kemerdekaan RI ke 69 Dengan Pawai “Merah Putih” di Jalan Protokol Ibu Kota

Hampir seluruh masyarakat Indonesia pasti familiar dengan kata “Merdeka!” yg sering dikumandangkan setiap tanggal 17 Agustus. Begitu pula dengan para pecinta otomotif tanah air yang tidak asing dengan kata “Merdeka Run”. Dimulai pertama kali pada hari kemerdekaan Indonesia di bulan Agustus 2012, tahun ini menjadi ketiga kalinya Merdeka Run digelar oleh Speed Creed atau biasa dikenal dgn sebutan SC. Speed Creed adalah wadah organisasi mobil sport terbesar di Indonesia yang memiliki “basecamp” berupa situs online www.speedcreed.net.

Founder dan Vice President Speed Creed Wily Hadiwijaya mengatakan bahwa tidak kurang dari 12 komunitas mobil sport dari berbagai jenis brand bergabung pada event akbar ini. Sebut saja FOCI, SCCi, MOCI, Nuvolks, Speedgonz, 86ID, Sportscom, Morning Call, YRS, GOCI, IMC dan lain-lain. MEDIA RUN 2014 disajikan dengan konsep berbeda setiap tahunnya, Merdeka Run 2014 ini disambut dengan perayaan yang tidak kalah “happening” nya dibanding tahun-tahun sebelumnya. Lebih dari 150 mobil sport dari berbagai merek dengan fokus kelir/cat merah putih tumpah ruah ke jalan mengisi barisan dan bergerak dengan dinamis dan ekspresif menghayati hari kemerdekaan kita dengan sepenuh hati. Tidak ketinggalan media team dari Speed Creed yang lincah bergerak ke kiri dan kanan memanfaatkan momentum yang ada untuk trus mendokumentasikan pergerakan rombongan super berwarna merah dan putih ini mengelilingi ibu kota.


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merdeka run 2014 – the meet up (part 1)

by Edrick – Speedcreed

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Merdeka! Sixty Nine years ago since it was first said, Indonesia has gone far since war filled olden days but the statement of “Merdeka!” still lingers closely to the heart of every individual living, breathing, walking on this land we call home. While keeping our patriotic hearts filled every day of our Indonesian lives, what else is there to do to on a special day of Independence? Lets face it some of us are too old and heavy to climb oiled up poles and by our age now we could obliterate kerupuk in one full bite- blindfolded, not quite a fair competition against little TK kids. Three years back Speed Creed came up with an ingenious idea of celebration filled with red and white colored sports cars, needless to say the crowd went ecstatic and the rest is history.

This year marks the third Merdeka Run event celebration we have hosted, it felt just like yesterday we edited video of the first Merdeka Run event- time sure really flies! This year’s appropriately named MR14 event held many surprises for us all of which in good means.
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First off Speed Creed crew wants this year’s event to be hypest, loudest, most legally insane celebratory act we have ever hosted. Purely we celebrate being Indonesian living in Indonesia, we want to say loudly to everybody around the world that we love this country! And we did just that. A staggering one hundred and fifty sports cars showed up for MR14 afternoon convoy filling up wide Pantai Indah Kapuk Road into a one lane ordeal, yes the wide road in front of Pertamina SPBU.

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This quantity of sports cars turning out at one time we believe to be a national record although unfortunately MURI was not informed for this event, surely though this is Speed Creed’s record of largest car convoy held at one time- we need no confirmation to tell us how successful MR14 event is, it was above and beyond.

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With 150 sports cars we can literally hold an import car show of our own within a large convention hall but we did not, this is Speed Creed event and running sports cars on the streets gives more admiration for us.

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To add icing on top of the cake, this event also entails the longest trail of red and white colored car we’ve had thus far.

This event has been sposored by: Pertamina Fastron, Pertamina Pertamax Plus, Protera Protection, Prestige Image Motorcars, Living World Alam Sutera, LLumar Window Films, Roni Priok, Ace Hardware, Toys Kingdom,Oasis

Participating Communities SCCi, MOCI, GOCI, NuVolks, i-Spec, IMC, 86id, Speed Gonz.




Anticipation was at high level when members arrive in Pantai Indah Kapuk for pre-convoy gathering; just imagine the sight where all brands of sports cars compiled in one place, from a classic Porsche 993 to a Ferrari F12 (two of them in fact), a sight to behold, and sounds to be appreciated. Enough mingling, now its time to drive.

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Departing Pantai Indah Kapuk the convoy went around in a safe and polite manner with police guidance along the way aiding to manage such large group. As always, Merdeka Run events are about celebration and not out right speed so cars are guided carefully for correct positioning and timing for our full production team. Trust us when we say that driving slow in a sports car group is never boring.

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Partner communities from Super Car Club Indonesia, M Owners Club Indonesia, GTR Owners Club Indonesia,NuVolks, i-Spec, NuVolks, Indonesia Mini Club, 86ID, SpeedGonz, i-Spec, Morning Call represented their communities strongly for MR14 event. Speed Creed embraces this unity and togetherness of all sports car clubs, this is something we should all cherish- fact that we can have a blast in a safe and controlled manner is not something we often come across these days. Big shout out for Morning Call crew who came to this event all the way from Bandung.

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The convoy arrives to Living World Alam Sutera venue in style, never before Living World Mall greeted by 150 beautiful sports cars at once adorning their whole front exposure! Many thanks for Living World mall for trusting Speed Creed on this opportunity.

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Plenty of fun and excitement during the run especially from Speed Creed crew documenting this event be sure to stay tuned for our full production video!

merdeka run 2014 – the celebration (part 3)

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The large group arrives at the venue which was provided by Living World Mall at Alam Sutera, members immediately filled the reserved parking spaces all along the front exposure of the mall, red and white cars dominate the view- quite a sight.

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Proceedings are held at Living World’s excellent outdoor function room, the roof-top Sky Garden for first-rate BBQ dinner served by White Hunter and HAN GANG restaurants with drinking water provided by Oasis for this special event. All participants were welcomed by music and got a chance to take photo booth pictures. Greeting speeches from Speed Creed and community partners started the evening gathering event, went off to a good start.

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Many activities followed after dinner while members freely mingle; there were games, a Bull-Riding competition, a Nerf-Gun challenge, and a charity auction filling up the evening celebration.

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On the night Speed Creed successfully auctioned off shows signed by soccer legends Lionel Messi and Neymar, also an exclusive guitar signed by The Rolling Stones (with certificate of authentication) yes guys these are really rare museum items, congratulations for their new proud owners! All in all the charity auction raised Rp. 260 mio donation, all donated to Hupernikao Ministry to support less fortunate children in the Kampung Nelayan Community.

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Our highest importance despite of shattering record numbers is for all participants had a blast of which we believe is truly how anyone should celebrate their Independence Day- to rejoice and be grateful. No matter how one celebrates: drawing contests for kids, fun community competitions, school yard hop – offs, red and white car convoy for big boys- the underlining message is the same: Stay Free, Stay United, and cherish Freedom of Expression.

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Speed Creed is very thankful to host this successful Merdeka Run event and to receive much support from friends, communities, and partners. If you would like to join Speed Creed’s next event or maybe next year’s Merdeka Run gathering just register yourself and your sports car of choice at www.speedcreed.net, Its that simple!

Be sure to wait for our Full Video Coverage of this event on Speed Creed’s Youtube channel please LIKE our videos and Subscribe to our channel.

This event has been sposored by: Pertamina Fastron, Pertamina Pertamax Plus, Protera Protection, Prestige Image Motorcars, Living World Alam Sutera, LLumar Window Films, Roni Priok, Ace Hardware, Toys Kingdom,Oasis

Participating Communities SCCi, MOCI, GOCI, NuVolks, i-Spec, IMC, 86id, Speed Gonz.