XP Training
Based on knowledge and eXPeriences as the training provider including of professional business eXPert and education institutions support, XP Training establish as the one of PT TRIPILLAR CAHYA ABADI business unit.
Many of trainings has been provide till present, especially for safety, health and environment including of business management, project management, petroleum, technical engineering and other industrial trainings.
To provide the trainings, XP Training has supported by professional practitioner eXPert from the various company and institution for a assortment of training program. Especially for petroleum, industrial, gas, environment, safety, health, engineering and construction. Including of corporate management, motivation and project management.
official website: http://www.xp-training.info/
Pilar Educations


tarsih Ekaputra XP is a trainer at Training and Edu Pilar since 2009 until now the discussion: Public Relations, Media Relations Strategy, Public Speaking, Business Speaking and others

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